Discover 5 interior design styles in Vietnam


Life is becoming more and more modern. People are becoming increasingly discerning about their living, working, and living spaces. With a workspace, it is not only a place to work but also a place to relax, a place to rest, a place to both perform work and relieve work pressure. Recognizing this requirement, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 interior design trends in Vietnam today. Let’s take a look and be inspired!

2M design style – the trend of office interior design Vietnam that emphasizes safety in times of epidemic

During the past 2 years, under the influence of the epidemic, the method of communication between people and working methods have changed significantly. Work online instead of working directly at offices.

However, in the context of the new normal of 2022, people will return to the office. That is also the reason why new office design trends were formed to adapt to the epidemic. In the 2M trend (which means 2 meters of distance), it is considered the most prominent. A distance of 2 meters is the optimal distance to limit the spread of disease within the office. Ensure the safety of people as well as the smooth operation of a business that is interrupted by the epidemic.

Workplace interiors are arranged in a safe distance

Workplace interiors are arranged in a safe distance

Minimalist office design style

Minimalism means the simpler the better, and in today’s office design, the simpler the interior space, the more effective it is. With this feature, the harmonious and detailed lines are simplified to a streamlined level, using cold color tones as the main theme. From there, creating workplace design trends that are both optimal in terms of efficiency and also exude the noble and luxurious beauty of a business.

Eliminating redundant details, compact furniture also contributes to significant savings in interior construction costs. Helping businesses change to a new working environment more efficient, more productive with only a little cost.

Office decor prioritizes the use of outstanding colors

The use of striking colors is considered quite new in office decor. However, in recent years this style has become popular around the world. The reason is that this workplace interior design trend creates its own highlight and imprint in the hearts of partners. Help affirm the assertive personality of the business. Create an environment that helps all individuals work more focused and precise.

Dulux office design with striking colors

Dulux office design with striking colors

Sustainable office design

Nowadays, the term “sustainable” is not new, it is also used in workplace design. Essentially, sustainable design is the integration of sustainably sourced, recycled green building materials into one space. It emphasizes the effective conservation of the environment and establishes a more harmonious relationship between nature and people. 

When you design with this trend, you get a whole new thing called environmental health. Sustainable design focuses on investing in building employee performance and happiness.

It is impossible to discuss the effectiveness of the inclusion of trees in interior design. Not only making the interior landscape more beautiful, the inclusion of trees in the design also helps relieve work pressure, making the air fresher.

A sustainable office helps to protect the environment

A sustainable office helps to protect the environment

Open-style office design

An open office space will be especially helpful for all company employees. Due to the division of smart zones. Flexible use of natural light and greenery. Create a comfortable working space to improve work efficiency. 

Open space makes people feel connected

Open space makes people feel connected

ADP-architects – the unit of interior design in Vietnam will bring a new breath to your office

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of office design and construction, ADP-architects is proud to be a unit that can help companies improve operational efficiency by creating unique workspaces. 

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Here are 5 interior design styles in Vietnam that are popular now. Hope with that information, you will find for yourself a suitable idea to create your own office. If you are still looking for a unit to make designing easier than ever, do not hesitate to contact ADP-architects for quick support.