Level of living space in Millennium apartments


Currently, the owners of apartments, especially in the high-end segment in Ho Chi Minh City are rising dramatically. And some of the projects were noted in recent times, perhaps the most prominent works is the Millennium by modern space, go with the standard international quality of life for community residents.

If you are looking to find a level of living space, designed for luxury, comfort and is located conveniently for the move, the Millennium is the perfect choice. With the Millennium apartment District 4, the owner and his family not to live in a safe space, modern facilities but also owns many unique privileges, only for the project. And with this article, we will together explore the special point was offline!

Masteri Millennium was one of apartment buildings in the well-known real estate brand Master Millennium. From the first days of launch, the project has created difficult sexual attraction for many customers, including the investors as well as those in need living space ownership, luxury class. Let along to with the first factor is the place to start to learn about this work.

Confirmed lifestyle modern 

Potential placements and facilitate all activities live 

Millennium apartment

project Masteri District 4 located at the position of expensive in downtown Ho Chi Minh City and adjacent to the financial center has made here is seen as “Wall Street” of Vietnam. This has helped affirm Masteri works extremely important criteria of product placement for luxury real estate. 

From the position apartment, just a few steps away, the customer was able to shorten the maximum distance traveled to the city on foot or destinations within the area of the city center to spend time enjoying the quality of life peak with family.

The next element that makes the Millennium attractive must be the overall work of the separate apartments and the overall structure from the designed apartments.

Living space

shophouses of Millennium apartment

The Millennium project is the product of luxury real estate senior brand Masteri. Works not only to own expensive position in the Centre of Ho Chi Minh City, but also the perfect crystallization between modern architecture style along with design flair to interior facilities. From that brings luxury living space, modern, cutting-edge privacy and endure over time, as a new symbol for the living level, are aimed to affirm the value, match with the owner and his family.

Millennium apartment Masteri District 4 was designed under the hands of the talented architect with seasoned experience just sounds of modern architecture, has soothing and vague. It is not just a result of artistic design brings impressive contemporary colors, which also owns the contours of creative, unique architecture and firmly with time. 

Especially in the masteri life space perfect crystal structure between the international value, combined with beautiful and comfortable furniture and gentle brightness value, combined with purity. From nature, work has become the highlight of architecture and the most luxurious central city. As a result, each apartment has become a refined, deluxe, recognised owner.

Only in the building of luxury real estate masteri, Millennium masteri four outside the high-rise apartment form usually has pentvilla (Loft), a unique form of life, giving customers more caves also experience. In different years of privileges, pentvilla in the 4 thousand year project county has invested and architectural design brought the beautiful and elegant modern level in the overall project, with a courtyard with an area of over 100. 50% square meters, accounting for the total living space in the whole apartment. From there, helping the host always has his own life in peace, harmony and nature, bringing comfort and feeling in life activities.

Besides, this particular living space also helps homeowners be jewelry deals as well as style, to create individual. In each apartment Penthouse in the Millennium, the smallest details are focused, as the space with equipment, furniture is arranged in a smart way, along the gold table is arranged a formal way in front of the apartment is ready waiting for future employer name private living space of the self and the family.

A central city for enriching life.

From the space environment facilities and the most advanced, only a few steps, the civilization of the community residents can enjoy shopping, leisure and entertainment in your convenient high quality service trade or transaction shophouse. Communicate with friends or health care, cosmetology, enjoy cooking area projects.

Additionally, Shophouse Millennium Masteri is also a unique design, and meet all standards of technical construction according to international standards, to give residents a shopping space different, more favorable to enjoy life high value. 

Apartment owners easier to sponsor prestige 

view of Millennium apartment

To assist customers easily own living space class in Project Millennium District 4, Techcombank, unit financial guarantor official works provided the financial products as well as a payment method attractive and versatile as follows: 

⦁ Pack loans with preferential interest rates only 0% 
⦁ Grace principals of loan package until the client receives the 
⦁ Free customers early repayment until getting home
⦁ Customers can borrow up to 70% of the total value of the apartment 
⦁ Particular, customers can mortgage bought the apartment. 

With these advantages and benefits already mentioned above, also hesitate any longer, Masteri Millennium own apartments to enjoy the quality of life between the central peak of the city!